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其器也利 Find the right tools

古人說得沒錯 ,「工欲善其事,必先利其器。」

Find the right tools and your tasks can be done better in reasonable time!!!

Spent hours reading articles regarding how to use WordPress to make my site presentable. Well, in vain, of course. Way too technical for people like me.

Luckily, Gary signed up this tutorial service: wp101.com. After viewing the second video “Post vs Pages”, my questions were answered.

Thank you, WP101.com

草創唯艱 One Tiny Step :)



My podcast “DaoCafe” is in its initial planning stage. Should I conduct the interviews in Chinese and move forward to English version in the future? Or, I make it as a Chinese podcasting. Then summarize it and publish in English as a new podcast? Decisions, decisions…

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