Podcast 024e When Mars Meets Dao With Peter Peng, summary

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Career in this world: astronautics

  • Principal Engineer at JPL, NASA
  • Accomplished 3 Mars missions and now working on the 4th 

Career in Heaven: Dao Cultivation and Sharing

  • Managing a English Dao Learning Class in LA, CA​
  • Dao is the highest level wisdom

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Career in this world

  • Highly complicated tasks: It requires absolute calmness and wisdom to communicate
  • Team work: Do NOT blame. Any mistake occurred is not a personal matter. The credit for each success goes to the team.
  • Hard work and diligence is absolutely necessary. A mission is , a helping hand from God is much needed.

To Land A Rover on Mars Successfully

  • Analyze 1,000 landing situations: a 90% successful rate for a project to be acceptable
  • 99%: hard work and diligence on human’s part; 1%: dependence on God
  • The Fourth Mars Mission
    • 2020: another rover which would be equipped with a helicopter
    • The rover would roughly weigh a ton. The helicopter is a serious challenge.
    • Any mission would have multiple objectives instead of pursuing a single target.

Career in Heaven

  • Life is with long term goals and multiple objectives.
  • Cultivating Dao is like learning Chinese Kung-Fu.
  • Mind power is the ultimate power in the universe.

Suggestions from Peter

  • We all have our strong suit and talents. Find out what we are good at and start from there.
  • The two careers (career in this world and career in Heaven) complement each other. So do both and build a happier life and be more content with it.
  • Make a buddha out of yourself.
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