Podcast 021e All Out with LiTing, summary

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Why Operating A Vegetarian Food Supplies Store
1. Both the husband and the wife are vegetarians
2. A convenient location for vegetarians in Orange County, CA
3. Making new friends4. Assisting friends who just started or thinking of starting a vegetarian diet

What Cultivating Dao And Supporting Two Temples Mean to Li-Ting
1. Cultivation is a means to alter one's fate
2. Being able to support the temples makes them happy and appreciate their good fortunes more than ever
3. Satisfied what they have. Appreciation. Less material desires.
4. Do their best at running a travel agency, managing a family, and helping others realize Dao

Philosophy of Managing Their Travel Agency
1. No micro-management
2. A sound accounting system
3. Mutual trust and respect between the management and staff
4. Generous compansation and bonus to the employees

How Li-Ting Cultivates Dao In A Material World
1. Money spending on vegetarian meals to temple friends twice a month means much more than a designer handbag
2. Less material desires leads to less worries and troubles
3. Cultivating Dao helps us to rid of the shackles desires put on us.
4. Release the sufferings.

How To Live This Life
1. Why are we here? Are we living a life for ourselves?
2. Where are we from? Where would we go after we die?
3. Cultivation of Dao is good to ourselves, our family members, and friends around us

What Are The Purposes of Living
1. Not being a money making machine that's for sure
2. Serve and help others. The satisfactory lasts longer and the level is higer​

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