009- What to give up? What to gain?

  • flower arrangement 1What To Do When Arranging Flowers
  • The Loss And The Gain When Living A Life
  • Sharing A Forwarded Poem

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flower arrangement 2What To Do When Arranging Flowers

  • To accommodate a theme, trim off extra twigs and leaves.
    Study the materials in hand according to the theme. It’s necessary to sacrifice some twigs and leaves in order to bring the vision live. It also allows all the nourishment to go to the remaining flowers and leaves so they can bloom to their best.
  • Be creative and put the trim off materials in good use.
    Often times the trimmed off parts are enough for a smaller flower bouquet. It’s time to show how talented you are!

The Loss And The Gain When Living A Life

  • If not paying attention to what we eat or willing to sacrifice delicious food, we might face the danger of hypertension, hyperglycemia, and hyperlipidemia. So as the probability of being overweight.
    In Taiwan, a balanced diet with “three lows and one high” has been recommended in recent years. They are low fat, low sugar, low salt, and high in fiber. It is believed consuming a 3L1H diet in a long run can help lower the risk of contracting diseases.
  • A steady job helps to put food on the table and support the family. What if it’s boring and without a future? What if we have a dream that might possibly come true?
  • What to get? What to lose? What if we let go of certain things? What if not?

Sharing here is a forwarded poem (Translated from Chinese)

If fame and wealth are the sources of bitterness, why are you chasing them nonstop?
If love and affection are the sources of bitterness, do you want to own them or end them?
If you make a wrong choice, should you restart or keep on going?
When you are troubled and emotional, should you reconcile or stay puzzled?
If the variables are the sources of bitterness, with whom can you consult?
If reincarnation is the source of bitterness, why don’t you want to escape?
If you are confused and done something wrong, don’t stay that way afterward.
Puzzle out what the four afflictions (birth, aging, sickness, and death) are. Seek the Dao and be enlightened.
It’s up to you to be a hero or an ordinary person.
If you are content with a modest lifestyle and enjoy living Dao, you do not feel bitter.
Do you best to give not worrying about what to gain in return. Do what need to be done and cultivate.
Be kind and considerate. The fulfillment of your mind is worthy more than riches.
Do not allow the three poisons (of ignorance, attachment, and aversion) flooding your way home.
Transform the senses (consciousness) into wisdom. Solve the emotion confusion in life.
Living a simple and ordinary life is a kind of happiness.

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