八招結實操 8-step exercise routine

forward lunge學網路廣播後,用電腦時間破表,整天脖子緊、肩膀硬、整個人不舒服。您上班忙碌、常時間坐在電腦前嗎?是不是也這樣呢?
Since starting to learn podcasting, my time spent in front of the computer is more than I can handle. The result is that my neck and shoulders are tight and stiff. What about you? Being so busy at work and spending time on your computer, do you have the same problems as I do?

I do not exercise much myself. After modifying some stretch exercises I saw online, here comes the 8-step exercise routine.

Ten minutes a day. Better yet, do it whenever you get time. You’re more likely to be more energetic, sport a healthy complexion, and with tuned muscles. No more excuses please. Let’s do it now.

8-step exercise routine

Jump Rope Fantasy:  Do two-feet hop first and imagine a rope in hand. To add more fun you can turn your body any direction you wish. This jump rope exercise without a jump rope is beneficial in many ways: to avoid the downcast from stepping on the rope; to jump as high or as low as you wish with no setbacks; best yet, you can do the jumping any time you want.

High Knees: Do high knees jump in place. If it’s too advance at the moment, simply raise your knees high with in turn. Remember to raise your arms to exercise the muscles on your shoulders too. Slow down when half way through and adjust your breathing.

Forward Lunge: Shoulders back, chest up, core tight. Feet are hip-width apart. Hands on hips or around your waist. Take a big step forward with your right leg. Make sure your thigh parallel to the ground and knee above toes. Down and drop your other knee. Push off and back to center. Alternate legs and repeat the exercise. If you feel muscles in the thighs tightened, you’re on the right track. Congratulations to you!

Plie Side Crunch: Place your hands on back of your head. Toes and knees face outward and do the plie side crunch, as low as you can. Keep your arms, back, and hips on the same level. Tighten you core and bent your waist sideway to the right. Return to center and bent to the other side. Keep the crunch position if you can. If you can’t hold it, stand up  a bit when returning to center and crunch down again when bending to the other side.

Push Up Position Shoulder Taps: From a push up position keep your torso tight and posture tall. Lift your left arm and tap the right shoulder. To stop your torso from tilting, keep your feet wider apart. Resume your push up position and repeat on the other arm.

Superman: On your stomach and suck in your butt checks. Legs slightly apart and toes pointing outward. Chest up, arms and legs outstretch.

Forearm Plank Hold: In a kneeling position, put your forearms parallel on ground, or the hands locked. Push up to your toes, keep your torso low and hold the pose. Yes, you only need to do one and stay in position for 1 minute!

Child’s pose: Body facing the floor, the knees and hips are bent with the shins on the floor. Rest your arms and forehead on the ground. Stretch your lower back and relax your entire body. You earn the rest so enjoy it.

Basically, each step takes you one minute. You can either use the stopwatch function from your cellphone or simply count to 100 for each step. As long as you’re not in something too tight or binding, there is no need to change outfit. If the floor or carpet is reasonably clean, I don’t see the need for a mat. So you can do this exercise whenever you have 8 minutes to spare.

Be persistent. Stay in shape and a pleasant mood every day!!! Have fun and be healthy!

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