我的完美聽眾 My Avatar

To excel in podcasting is a lot of work and loads to learn. There are steps to follow too. Per JLD, the most important step is to find your Avatar – a specific listener, a diehard fan – and your podcast is tailored for him/her.

1. 是男或女?如果是女性,她多大年紀?工作家庭狀況?日常作息?
2. 生活中有困擾嗎?每天為何事操煩?人生有苦痛或缺憾嗎?
3. 她與你的節目超有共鳴,得到很多啟發與鼓舞,進而改善第2項的不完美。
Your Avatar
1. Is a he or a she? If it is a she, how old is she? What is her marital status? Daily routine?
2. Does she encounter problems in life? What troubles her everyday? Are there pains or unfulfilled needs in her life?
3. Your podcasts resonate with your avatar. The content shared in the show inspires her so much that she is encouraged to apply it in daily life thus able to improve the situations listed in #2.

In the past few weeks I tried to visualize my Avatar but she stayed blur in distance. Finally I’m here to punch the keyboard and make her materialized.

Katie is my Avatar. She is 43 years old and works as a receptionist at a clinic. She’s married with two kids. The older is a boy and currently preparing to apply the college. Her baby girl is in 9th grade. Her husband works as a sales manager in a trading company.

After seeing off the husband and kids every morning, Katie drives to the clinic where she works. Five hours later she rushes home to take care of household chores and prepares dinner. She works nonstop as a bee and constantly worries about things. She feels that something is amiss and that her life is not complete.

Her troubles are from her daily life. When her husband Danny complains about work, she usually doesn’t have any good suggestions. She is on dilemma when her son Mark asks her opinion regarding possible majors and colleges for him. Should she encourage him to study what he is passionate about or something practical for the future?  Susie the daughter is experiencing her puppy love and has so many odd questions. At work, patients sometimes confide their pains, physical ones and personal ones, to her. She doesn’t know how  nor want to make any suggestions.

Katie has been married to Danny since after college and only started her first job a few years ago. She often hopes that she is more experienced and has more wisdom to help her loved ones and patients. To assist them in finding ways to release stress from work, school, and illnesses.

Katie is my Avatar. She subscribes to DaoCafe and downloads the episode whenever one is available. If she is busy, she listens to the show while driving to places. When she has time, she stays home watching the video and takes notes. She shares what she learns with family and friends, or tries to provide suggestions accordingly.

Dao exists in our daily lives. The DaoCafe menu includes Simple Dao Entries, Tasty Dao Drinks, Main Dao Courses, Dao Fortune Cookies, and Dao Takeouts. If you are busy but don’t want to miss any DaoCafe episode, you can even order from Dao Drive Through. How cool is that!!!

DaoCafe guests include professionals to share their expertise in the show and everyday folks from all walks of life to share unique life experience and thoughts.

對「道與人生」有體悟後,凱蒂不再忙盲茫,生活中的煩惱變少,心靈也不再空虛。在目前的崗位上 — 妻子、母親、客服員 — 凱蒂也做到更好。
Starting to apprehend the role Dao plays in life, no longer does Katie feel  lost, being busy for no reason, or unable to see the true nature of matters. She worries less and feels empty inside no more. On her current positions – a wife, a mom, and a costumer service provider – she performs better too.

To Danny’s complaints about work, Katie now listens and shares her insides from other perspectives. It helps him be more tactful when dealing with colleagues and customers, and create more win-win solutions for all. Katie also acts as Mark’s Watson working out the process of college applications. They discuss the features of each college and major in turns of relating to his talents and interests. Katie and Susie spend more girls’ time together, sharing secrets and ups and downs for being a teenager. For customers at work, she shows more patience and compassion.

While learning to help others, Katie’s perception of Dao deepens and wisdom increases. She is more confident as a wife, a mom, and  a service provider. She lives a more fulfilled life too.

She recommends DaoCafe podcast show to people she knows. She wishes that by giving themselves a chance to get out of the chaos life stores for them, they can build a life of quality and find their Dao within.

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